Office of Technology and Training
"DCOSBIM" Dorota Cebula-Kozlowska
organizes trainings of materials engineering
and provides accounting service

The company was established on 1 April 2000. based on the dissolved company's "OSBIM" S.C.
We invite all interested to take part in our courses organized under the auspices of the Polish Society of Stereology.
We organize the group trainings twice a year during the winter months of January-February, and autumn September-October in Ustron.
Each time, we realize two different training topics from our offer (courses marked with letters ) conducted by two lecturers. So in each of the terms we organize training for two groups.
The student may be a member of only one selected course in the same period of the winter or autumn.
When the application please indicate the theme of the course. Minimum number of people in class 10, max. 20 people.
Whatever we offer in order to organize training courses in your Department, to choose from our offer. Professionals working with our Office may also prepare training on other aspects of material sciences consistent with your expectations, and not included in the current range of courses.

We invite to see photos from the trainings in our Photo Gallery

Dorota Cebula-Kozlowska



  • M.Sc. in chemistry at the University of Silesia in Katowice (1995)- Fulltime daily mode study
  • postgraduate studies in Management at the Technical University of Silesia (1996)
  • postgraduate studies in Accounting at University of Economics in Katowice (2006)
  • certified of Polish Ministry of Finance to provide bookkeeping services (2007)
  • passed the FCE exam in British Council Poland (1997)


Owner at DCOSBIM
April 2000 - Present

  • I have been organizing the professional vocational trainings of engineering materials since 2000.
    1 recommendation available upon request
  • We provide accounting services. Our main customer is PLB "TEST" Jacek Kozłowski

Chief Accountant at Biuro Techniczno-Handlowe TESTING Sp. z o.o.
June 1996 - Present
I was the Sales manager, then 2004-2007 the Accountant and in 2007 I become the Chief Accountant at Biuro Techniczno-Handlowe TESTING Sp. z o.o., where I work up to now.
1 recommendation available upon request


2 people have recommended Dorota

"I have known Dorota since the late 1990's, as she worked for Testing, a distributor for the company I worked for then. We have met a number of times since at conferences in Poland, at the Silesian University of Technology in Katowice, and at courses she has organized through her company, DCOSBIM. My wife and I have even met socially with Dorota and her husband and daughter. They are wonderful people. Dorota does a superb job organizing training programs. She is an absolute delight to work with. I highly recommend her if your company has training needs. George Vander Voort"
George Vander Voort, was Dorota's client

"I have known Dorota more than 10 years and worked with her on training programs when I was employed at Buehler Ltd. Dorota is a wonderful person, always has her work organized professionally. The courses we conducted were received very well by engineers and technicians in Poland. She also interfaced with the faulty at the Silesian University of Technology for some of our programs and for conferences. It was always a delight working with Dorota. George Vander Voort"
George Vander Voort, Director, Research & Technology, Buehler Ltd, was with another company when working with Dorota at BTH TESTING Sp.j.

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